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These companies use and love Mustr

The easiest media database on the market.

Manage your media relations with Mustr’s media database. Easily organize and contact bloggers and journalists for every public relations project. Safely share your media contacts with PR agencies while remaining owner of the database.

Here’s 3 reasons why you will LOVE Mustr

1. Mustr was designed to be super easy to use

  • Super easy to use thanks to great design

    Mustr was designed to be a breeze to use. We believe in great, intuitive design.
  • No more databases that float around somewhere on the server

    PR agencies as well as in house communication teams usually have dozens of spreadsheets with influencer contacts floating around. That makes it very hard to keep your records up to date. Mustr gives you a central place in the cloud to keep your records.
  • No more accidents with your databases

    Have you ever accidentally deleted a few rows of records in a spreadsheet with influencer contacts? Or worse, tried to sort them and had all your list scrambled? Hurts, doesn’t it? Mustr makes that a thing of the past.
  • Crowdsourced media lists: no more looking for details that you’ve already added

    How annoying is it to keep inputting the media details over and over again? In Mustr, you probably won’t have to input the media records, because they’re already there. Media outlets are crowdsourced by all the other Mustr users, and kept up to date by the Mustr team. Never go looking for the details of the Wall Street Journal or Wired again!

2. Powerful, made for PR tools will save you time

  • Powerful filters to target exactly the influencers you want to target

    Mustr was developed by a team of PR professionals. We know exactly how you work. Our filters were designed to target your influencers with great precision. You want only international media writing about finance? You can do that. Or you need a few regional journalists who also write about gastronomy? Got it. You want to target bloggers in Germany who write for an international audience? No sweat. We thought of everything, based on our cumulated, decades long experience in PR.
  • Add and delete people from lists with one button

    When you have your influencer list, you might want to exclude someone from this action. Or you think of an important journalist that escaped your filter. In Mustr, adding them or removing them from your target list is as easy as pressing a button.
  • Granular tagging, categories, notes

    We are quite sure that we’ve made the greatest database for PR purposes. Choose from a number of categories or add your own tags.
  • No lock in of your data, ever

    With Mustr, you can export your entire database to a spreadsheet at any time.

3. Let someone else do the work, while you keep control over your list

  • Easy collaboration between agencies and their customers

    We believe that agencies and companies or brands are on the same team. Therefore, we’ve made it super easy to collaborate with each other. Share your lists of influencers and projects with your customers. Grow your database thanks to your client’s records, and add new contacts to their database: it’s all possible and easy.
  • Collaborate with your team

    Of course, PR is teamwork. For € 49 per month, you can collaborate with up to 3 team members on the same contact database and projects. Adding and removing team members is as easy as sending an e-mail.
  • And much more to come…

    And we’re still working on a few great features. Next up: great looking press release, sent directly from Mustr. With pictures, without pictures, we can do it all.

Mustr is an invaluable tool for your PR work.


49 € / month
3 team members
Unlimited contacts Unlimited projects For agencies: Unlimited clients
5 € / month
Per additional team member

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