Your network of journalists and bloggers is a valuable asset.

But are you making it work for you?

Mustr helps you and your team organise your network of journalists and bloggers. That way, you can concentrate on improving your relationship with them.

Raphaela Brandner

Marketing and PR manager

Raphaela from Mindmeister is a happy Mustr user:

Ever since I started working at MindMeister I've been looking for a tool that would bring order in our many journalist and blogger contacts. We had multiple lists, mostly Google spreadsheets and Excel lists. Now, I've shared access to Mustr with our entire marketing team, which means that everyone can easily add new contacts in the right format.

Finally, we feel that we are getting the most out of our network of journalists and bloggers.

Mustr is used by agencies and corporations:

These companies use and love Mustr:

Relax about your 'lists' and start working on what counts: your relationships.

Know exactly who you're talking to, and what your history is with them.

Keep track of your team's history with journalists and bloggers.

Your entire team can add detailed notes about interactions with journalists. That way, you always know the history of a relationship.

Create a powerful network with detailed profiles.

Choose one of the predefined categories, add free form tags and social media. By adding more information to profiles, you will be able to filter and target exactly the right journalists and bloggers for your projects.

Outsource the boring stuff, but stay in control of your valuable network. Always.

If you want to, you can invite your PR agency to manage your contacts. They will keep your records up to date for you.

No longer working with an agency? No problem.

Just as easily, revoke their access and reclaim ownership and control. Of course, you get the most recent, up to date information of your media contacts.

A power tool by PR professionals, for PR professionals

Mustr was developed by a team of PR professionals and corporate communication managers who were tired of looking for a powerful PR solution that would fit ALL of our needs. So we decided to build it for ourselves.

The entire PR and corporate communications workflow in an easy and intuitive tool.

Use intuitive filters to target the right journalists

With just a few clicks, target exactly the journalists you want for your PR projects.

Filter forgot someone?

Add individual journalists or bloggers immediately.

Someone in the list you don't like?

Exclude them from the project with one click.

The easiest way to send high resolution images to journalists, enriched with information like title, copyright and description.

Exclude them from the project with one click.

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Mustr was built to fit perfectly into the workflow of PR agencies and corporate communications teams.

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