[Easter edition] 5 Lessons We Should Learn From Cats and Apply in PR


This is a guest post by Andreea Paraschiv, a passionate tech marketer who worked with various multinational and local IT organizations, from start-ups to corporations  like Intel, Microsoft, Kingston, VmWare, MaguayCyberGhost and more.

There’s no news that cats rule the Internet. And this is definitely the dream of every PR representative: to make its company (or client) to be extra-popular online. So maybe we’ve got a thing or two to learn from cats and how they managed to achieve global domination!

Here’s a shortlist with 5 lessons that online PRs should follow from… cats:

1) Be curious


Just like a cat, a good PR needs to know everything. Should turn its company’s headquarter upside down to know all the details. This way he/ she will be prepared for anything.

2) If it fits, I sits

if it fits

Try to find the best publications to place your press releases or guest posts on. Think about your core business and your stakeholders. Then choose the right media to reach your targeted audience. Stop pushing forward your press release to publications that aren’t writing about such type of business or products.

Yes, cats will find a way to adapt to every size of box they are given. Be smarter than that, because you get to choose your box.

3) Cat got your tongue

cat got your tongue

Before sending out a press release, be sure you have answers to all the questions that can be asked related to your subject and company. If questions are received from journalists, try to send out response in less than 2 hours. Otherwise, journalist might get creative and your company’s image will suffer.

4) Do it like a pro

do it like a pro

Always have a game plan in from of you. Know what you want to obtain out of each PR campaign and prepare a set of real actions to achieve it. Be joyful, just like a cat, and don’t be afraid to play around.

5) Nap time?


There’s a very old saying “why the cat is away, the mice will play”. Make sure you have somebody to cover the post while you’re away. In just 10 hours, a lot of damage can be done – remember the case of Justine Sacco?

What else do you think can be easily applied from cats to PR?

PS: Happy Easter dear PR pros :)

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