11 new PR tools and apps discovered at Web Summit

Web Summit 2015 PR tools and apps

Web Summit 2015 PR tools and apps

The Mustr team attended the Web Summit in Dublin this year – the place to be for ambitious start-ups to present their work to the world. We talked to a lot of colleagues and discovered how tools are becoming ever more customizable, easier to use and… cheaper. Here is our selection of brand new start-up PR tools and apps that PR pro’s can use to innovate and optimize their PR practice. Have fun discovering them and don’t hesitate to send your feedback to the entrepreneurs behind them – I’m sure they will appreciate. Continue reading »

Mustr v2: drag and drop press releases, analytics, personalised e-mails, Twitter feed integration

As you know, Mustr’s mission is to build a PR tool that allows PR professionals to get better results faster. A remark that we consistently get from PR professionals is that their team wastes a lot of time sending out press releases. Because PR pros routinely push their e-mail clients to the max of their functionality, there’s hassles with lay out, with pictures, with targeting and with attachments. All this is costing your team valuable (and often: non-billable) time.  Continue reading »

New: we made it super easy to import all your influencer lists from Excel into Mustr

Another huge improvement in Mustr this week. We saw that a lot of users had a difficult time uploading influencer lists from Excel sheets into Mustr.

So we decided to make the process as painless as possible. In the new import process, we wanted to make sure of the following things:

  1. you should be able to upload any influencer list from Excel into Mustr and clean it after upload
  2. you should have a place in Mustr where you can work on your influencer list before importing it to the database, to make sure that only “good” data end up in your influencer CRM – let’s call it a workroom
  3. since there are always contacts that are incomplete or with errors in any influencer list, you should be able to import your “good” data right away and take your time later to work on the 5 % or so that is incomplete

In the end, we retooled the Mustr import function. Continue reading »

Want to build an insanely profitable PR agency? Declare war on “failure demands”

lean PR failure demand

Lean is all the rage these days, thanks to ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries. If you run a PR agency and you have worked with a startup or a big manufacturer, chances are that you’ve heard the gospel of ‘lean’.

In fact, you may well have already run into some of the approach’s more popular manifestations. Task management app Trello, for example, is based on the principle of ‘kanban’, which was developed as part of lean manufacturing.  Continue reading »

6 scientifically proven ways to increase customer satisfaction at your PR agency

damn fine coffee

Loyal customers are the bedrock for a successful PR agency. They pay more and are cheaper to sell to than new customers. This means that companies with loyal customers earn more and therefore last longer. One study found that:

“an average company loses 20% of its customers annually due to dissatisfaction. However, if the company is able to minimize the number of dissatisfied customers, it can increase its earnings considerably.”

But how do you, as a PR professional, cultivate such loyalty? “Get your 10th campaign free” is unlikely to work. A study by Anne-Mette Sonne sheds light on the mechanism by which buyers of professional services become loyal customers. Continue reading »

How to win a PR agency pitch: scientific insights about creativity

prize steer

Winning new business is crucial to build a great PR agency, so we set out to help understand better how potential customers judge a PR agency pitch. Continue reading »

Meet the improved Mustr notes for PR pros: know and share everything about journalists and bloggers in your network

Mustr has the ambition to be a Killer PR Tool for PR agencies and in house PR professionals.

For us, that doesn’t mean spamming media contacts with press releases. It does mean that you need to know and leverage the network of journalists and bloggers around your brand or company. For that you need to be able to record and share what you know about your influencers. Which is why we’ve been working hard on a new, improved version of notes.  Continue reading »

Blogger Outreach Complete Guide for PR Experts

Blogger Outreach campaigns have gained popularity lately. And while most resources out there are for newcomers, a PR expert needs a slightly different guide in order to handle them together with the day to day media relations. And here it is: all the useful information about blogger outreach campaigns a PR expert needs.

Continue reading »

Show me the money – PR agency pricing structure fundamentals



In the PR world of words, someone has to take care of the numbers too.

While the top 3 PR agencies in the world earn $500M each in total fee income per year, there is still a whole bunch of PR agencies out there that fight for the rest of the $11B yearly industry revenue reported in 2012 and growing. The secret is not necessarily who makes the most, but who manages to be more profitable.

This article might get quite handy on one hand for managers of newly established PR agencies or restructured ones looking to create a pricing model that works, and on the other hand for brands that want to start working with a PR agency and need to understand the pricing options. Continue reading »

What is the best tool to send press releases to journalists and bloggers? Mustr now offers responsive mailings with high resolution images

We developed Mustr because we wanted to create a beautifully designed, easy to use PR tool that cuts out a lot of tedious and time consuming chores that PR professionals still face (like copy-pasting e-mail addresses, resizing pictures, digging in Excel sheets for the right media contacts).

All of which explains why we’re very excited to announce the launch of our new, improved press release feature. As of today, you can send gorgeous looking, responsive press releases directly from Mustr.

Here are a few reasons why press releases look better when they are sent from Mustr:

  • The mailings are designed for optimal readability. No frills design! This makes sure that journalists can quickly scan your mail and get the information they need.
  • You can upload high resolution images to to be included in your e-mail. A large preview of the picture will be to the e-mail, with as much room as you need for extra information about copyright, pricing and subject.
  • We added a big “DOWNLOAD” button that makes it clear that journalists and bloggers can download your high res images.
  • You can also upload attachments (like press kits) as a file and enclose them in your e-mail.
  • Mustr e-mails are fully responsive. That means they can be read on any device: desktop, iPhone, Android phone, tablet, whatever.

As you can see in this picture, Mustr offers the easiest way to send dozens of high resolution pictures to journalists, all clearly labeled, tagged and enriched with information and easily readable on any mobile device:

2014_04_23 Screenshot iPhone 5

There is no quicker or more powerful way to send out press releases.

The easiest way to send press releases

As with all Mustr features, creating and sending a press release is a simple, 3 step process:

  1. Create a “Project”
  2. Select one or more groups of journalists and/or bloggers that you want to target
  3. Create the e-mail with pictures and attachments like you would in Gmail or any webmail client (don’t forget to press “send”)


The responsive mailing tool marks the end of the first phase of Mustr: all the functionalities are now in place, and we can now begin to make them better, faster and more productive for you. For that, we need your help.

Make Mustr better: be in touch!

How can you help us? By talking to us and telling us what you need or want from a PR tool! Our goal is to make Mustr hands down the easiest way to manage your relationships with journalists and bloggers. If we are not living up to that promise, let us know, and we will get better. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an e-mail, or visit our FAQ or our YouTube channel with tutorials!

Is this the first time you’ve heard of Mustr? Take a look at our product tour.