[Easter edition] 5 Lessons We Should Learn From Cats and Apply in PR


This is a guest post by Andreea Paraschiv, a passionate tech marketer who worked with various multinational and local IT organizations, from start-ups to corporations  like Intel, Microsoft, Kingston, VmWare, MaguayCyberGhost and more.

There’s no news that cats rule the Internet. And this is definitely the dream of every PR representative: to make its company (or client) to be extra-popular online. So maybe we’ve got a thing or two to learn from cats and how they managed to achieve global domination!

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PR agency management – Part 1: Recruitment and team management for a competitive edge

There is a fierce fight over the clients’ budgets between the multitude of PR agencies. Your agency needs to have the competitive advantage to make it stand out when pitching to clients, while you also need to run the agency in a way that margins are at least satisfactory.

We’re set on a mission to empower you with the knowledge and tools to make you succeed. This series of articles is designed for PR agencies management and will showcase trends, advice and best practices. Continue reading »

Everything a Public Relations expert should know about SEO in 10 minutes

For those of you who still wonder how can your creative PR work targeting people get along with the seduction of search engines algorithms, then look no further! Here is basically everything a PR pro should know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – no more, no less, and headache-free.

PR and SEO – the beauty and the beast

Public Relations’ beauty relies on interacting with different stakeholders and your work goes all the way from strategic to creative and back. Incorporating any technical aspects that are due to seduce lines of code – for sure doesn’t appeal you! And that’s not what you were taught how to do.

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Lessons learned on PR Crisis Management


This is a guest post by Andreea Paraschiv, a passionate tech marketer who worked with various multinational and local IT organizations, from start-ups to corporations  like Intel, Microsoft, Kingston, VmWare, Maguay, CyberGhost and more.

Andreea Paraschiv


The first time I faced a PR crisis I tried to reach for external support. I first called a PR specialist, in order to try to find some tips from a real expert. She would have gladly advised me what I should do for “just” 300 euro/hour!

So my first advice would be to be careful who you reach to in this process. There are many experts (or even worse, the so called “experts”) that will try to rip you off big time. And the reasons are obvious: you are in desperate need of a solution and money might be the last thing you think about.

PR crisis management is something that needs quick reaction, but might take months (even years) to cure the company’s image. So try to be patient and don’t look for overnight solutions.

I have managed several PR crises in my career, every time applying successfully the same receipt.

Today, I’ll try share with you my knowledge… for free :)

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How to engage with journalists on Twitter – a complete guide for the PR pro

Twitter is definitely the place where journalists hang out to do their job. To be more specific, in 2013 there were nearly 60% of journalists on Twitter. And it is their preferred social media channel by far to be contacted by PR professionals, 85% of them considering being approached for PR purposes welcome on twitter.

twitter for media relations

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Public Relations summits not to miss in 2014

We made a list of all the big events for PR professionals that will take place in 2014. If you want to see the latest PR trends, share and debate with your peers on various PR topics and enhance your network inside the industry, these PR summits and conferences are not to miss in 2014.

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The 2014 ultimate list of Media Relations tools for the PR pro

Welcome to the ultimate list of 50+ PR tools for better Media Relations that will help you reach journalists and bloggers like a Pro and get your stories out there like never before.

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